The records of government are the property of the people.  It’s time we reclaim them.

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Profiting off the Presidency

Donald Trump is enriching himself at the taxpayers’ expense, and we got the documents to prove it.

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The White House Visitor Logs

Property of the People forensically reconstructed Trump’s undisclosed White House complex visitor logs.

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Trump’s Extortion Threats

Property of the People has exposed multiple violent extortion threats made on behalf of Donald Trump.

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  • Animal Rights & the Green Scare

    Exposing government, law enforcement, and industry efforts to surveil and subvert the animal rights and environmental movements

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    Animal Rights and the Green Scare

Unlawful Government Collusion with Big Ag

The USDA’s American Egg Board was unlawfully colluding with Big Ag groups and the world’s largest PR firm to sabotage a plant-based startup. Then we exposed them.

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  • CIA Torture Report

    Exposing the inner workings of the CIA’s spying on the Senate Select Committee tasked with investigating CIA torture, and the CIA’s torture and rendition program itself

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    CIA Torture Report
  • The Mandela Files

    The Mandela Files

    Uncovering the nature and extent of U.S. intelligence agency efforts to surveil and subvert Nelson Mandela and the anti-Apartheid movement

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Your data and information should be kept private (See the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States), Government documents relevant to the public interest should not be.

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