Exposing government surveillance and policing of dissent in the name of national security

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Some highlights of our work include:

Exposing the FBI’s earliest known use of classified remote installation anti-encryption malware, as well as the DOJ’s unlawful withholding of this information from Congress.

Exposing FBI policies to conceal information about electronic surveillance from prosecutors and defendants alike.

Exposing FBI efforts to secure federal terrorism charges against animal rights activists who expose horrific conditions on factory farms.

Exposing the inner workings of the CIA’s spying on the Senate’s investigation of CIA torture.

Exposing FBI placement of a confidential informant within Nelson Mandela’s inner circle to provide political information to the FBI on Mandela and his anti-Apartheid associates in the United States., FBI spying on Mandela’s meeting with the President of Yugoslavia, and FBI surveillance of Mandela’s meeting with Puerto Rican independence activists.

Exposing documents about the FBI’s investigative focus on peaceful Occupy Houston protesters instead of those plotting to assassinate the peaceful Occupy protesters.

Exposing the FBI’s investigation of journalist Michael Hastings’ “controversial reporting” on the war in Afghanistan.

Exposing the FBI’s secretive, cyber-enabled surveillance platform GRAVESTONE.

PoTP is also now seeking records on seeking records on U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies’ targeting of Black Lives Matter and Antifa as terrorist threats while simultaneously minimizing the threat posed by violent white supremacists and far right-wing organizations.

Property of the People routinely expands our work along these lines to include new topics and agencies.

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