DOJ Memorandum Supporting Robert Mueller Ethics Waiver

2 Pages | Sat, 14 Sep 2019 | Source : Property of the People

May 18, 2017 memo from Cynthia Shaw, director of the Department of Justice's Departmental Ethics Office (DEO), to Scott Schools, Associate Deputy Attorney General, regarding Schools' request for a determination from DEO regarding the potential necessity of an ethics waiver for Robert Mueller in the context of Mueller's role as Special Counsel in the Russian interference investigation. The memo provides the DEO's rationale in support of granting Mueller a conflict-of-interest waiver. DEO director Shaw responded to Schools that, “I am not convinced that an authorization is needed, but unequivocally, if one is, the overwhelming need of the Government for Mr. Mueller’s services greatly outweighs the concern that a reasonable person may question the integrity of the Department’s programs and operations." Due to Mueller's long track record, appointments by both Republican and Democratic presidents, and "reputation for integrity", Shaw continued that, "I am not certain that a reasonable person in possession of the relevant facts would question his impartiality.”

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